Mercersburg and the surrounding area have both reflected and affected our national history in its people and events.

People of Interest

John McCullough

Brig. Gen. Hugh Mercer (1725 - 1776)

Robert McClellan (1770? - 1815)

William Magaw (1744-?)

William Findlay (1768- 1846)

Joseph Hiester (1752 -1832)


Jane Irwin Harrison (1804 -1848)




Elizabeth Irwin Harrison (1810-1850)



James Buchanan (1791-1866)

Harriet Rebecca Lane (1830- 1903)


Michael Cromer (1827- 1893)


The blades are 5 in wide  x 65 in long.

Jonathan Blanchard (1811-1892)



John Williamson Nevin (1803 - 1886)



Dr. Philip Schaff (1819 -1893)



The Rev. Captain John Steel (1744-1812)








The Rev. John King, D.D. (1740-1813)










The Rev. David Elliott, D.D. (1787-1874)








The Rev. Thomas Creigh, D.D. (1808-1880)








Places of interest

  1. James Buchanan State Park, site of birthplace of James Buchanan
  2. The Lane House in Mercersburg, privately owned
  3. Fort Loudoun
  4. Witherspoon's covered bridge in Montgomery Township off Anderson Road
  5. Hays stone-arched bridge in Montgomery Township on Anderson Road
  6. Buchanan cabin on the campus of Mercersburg Academy
  7. Graves of Three Confederate Soldiers in Fairview Cemetery in Mercersburg
  8. Zion Union Cemetery in Mercersburg, site of burial of  38 Civil War veterans including 13 veterans of the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry with Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission marker
  9. Markers at entrance to the campus of the Mercersburg Academy indicating sites of Marshall College (1835- 1853) and the Theological Seminary of the German Reformed Church (1836- 1871)
  10. Spring Grove Cemetery, site of burials of James Buchanan's parents and Harriet Lane's parents, on road to Lemasters off route 416 at top of hill in south end of Markes

Events of Interest

Education and Religion in Mercersburg

Mercersburg Theology